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image Our solutions for everyday life are abundant these days! Whether your motivation is to save the planet or just save your pocketbook, Eco Lifestyle Solutions can help you. We provide insight and coaching for three main areas of your life – Home, Health, and Happiness. With your home we can help with all those little things that make your home a little greener – from cleaning products to composters. We also cares about your health – we can help you establish healthy eating habits or grow your own organic garden. All of these things are great building blocks for your lifestyle choices; but by themselves they don’t bring happiness. We wans to help you find that as well. From ideas to help you connect with other people who care about the same things you do, to connecting with that deep longing in your heart; let’s journey together to find solutions that work for you. Your new Eco Lifestyle is waiting to be discovered, along with the joy and happiness that come with it. Enhance your personal environment, connect with nature, and save money at the same time. Wholeness calls out to you . . . How will you respond?

We exist to restore the environment by changing the spending habits of consumers, helping them make the best ecologically conscious decisions about their eco lifestyle. We offer three areas of eco services: Eco Lifestyle Design and Coaching, Eco Services Brokering, and Guided Eco Experiences. Change your life today; let us help you design your new lifestyle. Contact one of our eco lifestyle coaches or schedule a guided eco experience such a private yoga session or an educational hike.

Or, maybe you want to make some changes around your home. We can help you find the right eco services, eco businesses, or eco contractors to meet your needs. You probably don’t have time to track down all the green services in your area and we’ve already discovered many of these environmentally friendly businesses.

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